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>> Apr. 1, 2014: Faculty update

>> Apr. 01, 2013

  • Prof. Kenichi Kuroda retired. He continue to serve at the Div. of CE as adjunct professor.
  • Prof. Junji Kitamichi is promoted to the rank of full professor
  • Prof. Naohito Nakasato is promoted to the rank of senior associate professor

>>Nov.10, 2012:  Faculty Colloquium on Collaborative Research Excellence (CORE) schedule

>> Apr. 2, 2012: Faculty update

  • Prof. Hiroshi Saito is promoted to the rank of senior associate professor (Jokyu-Junkyoju)
  • Dr. Lei Jing joins Div. of CE as an associate professor at the Computer Networks Lab.
  • Faculty title update: From AY 2012, official English translation for Jokyu-Junkyoju, Junkyoju, Jokyo and Joshu has been  changed as follows.
    • Jokyu-Junkyoju: Associate Professor --> Senior Associate Professor
    • Junkyoju : Assistant Professor --> Associate Professor
    • Jokyo: Assistant Lecturer --> Assistant Professor
    • Joshu : Assistant Instructor --> Research Associate

>> June 22, 2011: the 6th IEEE International Symposium on Embedded Multicore SoC 2012 will be organized at the University of Aizu by CE faculty. Further information: http://www.ieee-mcsoc.org/

>> June 10th, 2011: Opening funded PhD position at the Computer Communications Lab/Div. of CE. For the detail information, check here.

>> May 2nd, 2011: Div. of CE faculty update

>> May 2011: Div. of CE website is open for on-campus access.

>> Div. of CE website trial launch (internal access only) from Feb. 1, 2011

>> June 22, 2010: Prof. Thang C. Truong gives a talk titled "Multimedia communications: Recent research and standardization" at the CE division faculty meeting.

>> Div. of CE seminar for 1st and 2nd year students (日本語 ) (last update on June 10, 2011)

>> Div. of CE Faculty monthly seminar (all faculty are welcome)

>> Explanatory meetings regarding research themes proposed by faculty: From 6:10 p.m. every day between Monday, November 8 and Friday, November 12, 2010 (for five days)