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Dr. Kenichi Kuroda, Professor

kuroken Adaptive Systems Laboratory

Office: 202-A, Research Quadrangles
Tel: +81-242-37-2620
Email: kuroken
URL: http://www.u-aizu.ac.jp/~kuroken/

Education PhD, The University of Tokyo


Reconfigurable Systems (Collaborating with Prof. Okuyama): Based on recent FPGA evolution, we are focusing on flexible hardware acceleration systems for various target applications.  PCA (Plastic Cell Architecture), invented in NTT, is our research origin for reconfigurable systems. This is a fine grained, asynchronous system, and its autonomous dynamic reconfigurability is one of quite innovating features, but performance is not satisfactory in practical applications. Currently, we are moving to low-cost high performance computing systems using FPGAs and GPGPUs.  Our final goal is gDesktop Super computerh.


  • Flexible FPGA-based systems with a framework design environment
  • Acceleration by the use of GPGPUs

Current Projects Competitive Fund in UoA: gAn FPGA/GPU-base Desktop High Performance Computingh

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  • BEN A. Abderazek, Masashi MASUDA, Arquimedes CANEDO,and Kenichi KURODA, gNatural instruction Level parallelism-aware compiler for high-performance QueueCore processor architechtureh, The Journal of Supercomputing, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2004, Volume 3149/2004, 571-577.
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  • Fumiko OHORI, Yuichi OKUYAMA, and Kenichi KURODA, gEvaluation of Image Filtering Using Particle Interaciton Accelerator on FPGAh, Proc. the 24th Int. Tech. Cof. Circuits/Systems Comp. and Comm. (ITC-CSCC2009)
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